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A trip to Dubai, Saudi Arabia where travelers will shake off the stresses of the day that tarnish the soul by turning it to a dull brass.  This retreat will transform you into your "golden self".  You will visit one of the most exciting cities, sample exotic food, and play in the desert sand.


You will participate in activities which will transform your feelings from brass to gold.  You will return refreshed and feel like gold!


Price includes round trip (non-stop) light from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. hotel, breakfast, and transfers.


   Dates:              TBD

   Price:               $1800.00



   Payment for this trip:

                Initial Deposit     $350           Due    TBD

                Payment              $350           Due    TBD

                Payment              $350           Due    TBD

                Payment              $300          Due    TBD

                Payment              $250          Due    TBD

     Final Payment              $200          Due    TBD

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