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Life coaching
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Rosemarie Rose-Spencer, PhD Career Coach, Life, Coach Family Mediator, Professional Trainer

Are You Ready To Get Your Life On Track?

Sometimes, you just need a little guidance to unravel the levels of indecision, confusion, and discouragement to discover who you are and what you really want in life.

This is where I do my best work...Let me be the catalyst for your success!


My Life is Dedicated to the Success of Others

I genuinely want you to be successful and happy.  I will coach you every step of the way.

Catalyst for Your Success
Services by a  Rose Constant and True
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Personal Growth
Professional Development

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Are You Experiencing Challenges with Your Spouse?

I am a Certified Family Court Mediator and I can mediate your divorce. My services are less costly, quick, and fair. 

I also provide family survival coaching directed at assisting you through complex family issues.

Do You Want More Focus in Your Life?

I will coach you thru the process of reducing hassles and burdens by establishing goals, organizing your time and focusing on a plan, building your self-esteem, and  the development of the true vision of yourself.

Are You a Veteran Struggling with the Transition to Civilian Life?

I will provide lifestyle, traumatic stress relief, educational, vocational coaching for veterans and their family services are uncomplicated and productive.

Family Mediation
Catalyst for Your Success
Career Development

Do you need Personalized Workshops/Seminars for Your Organization, Company or Business?

I will provide customized training in management and supervision, communication and sales, as well a project and time management guaranteed to increase your bottom-line and customer base.

Why Virtual life coach? 

  • Services may be offered on a virtual platform (over the internet)

  • ALL services are conducted with truth and honesty--Virtuously


(561) 307-6695


12952 Kingsdale Lane

Wellington, FL 33414

Catalyst for Success
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