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Life Coaching Services


Your Greatest Self


What is your greatest self? How do we create the image of our greater self?   Many times this image is developed by "little" sayings we have printed in our minds. 

My "little" sayings originate from Jamaican Proverbs and sayings. I find that I am motivated and encouraged by these little sayings...

Today encouraging me to stand firm and ward off criticism...

"The pot curses the kettle, saying he is black"...Two people with the same characteristics, or coming from similar backgrounds, should have nothing to curse each other about.  When they do so, they end up looking ridiculous.

Relationship and Family​

-Self-Esteem and Self-Image

-Grief and Loss

- Family Counseling

- Long Distance Family Relationships

- Anger Management


​The 50+ Club

​- Aging Gracefully

- Choosing a New Career

- Travel Connections

- Downsizing

-Moving in the Right Direction

-Clarifying Goals


Cultural Awareness

- Living in a Foreign Country

- Inter-Cultural Marriage
- Cultural Customs​

​Educational Services

     High School Students

- Career Selection for High School Students

-Selecting a course of study

- Paying for College


    The Adult Learner

- Returning to school

- Selecting training for a new career



- Seeking Clarity

- Career Jump Start

-Military to Civilian Life

-Military Spouse Transitions


Life Coaching with you in mind.
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