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Dissertation 911 to 411

As a recent graduate of a doctoral program, I am cognizant of the challenges that online and face-to-face doctoral candidates face. The dissertation success coaching program, Dissertation 911 to 411, includes Coaching/Mentoring based on online and face-to-face interaction. Dissertation 911 to 411 concentrates on the finish line, the completion of the dissertation. Dissertation 911 to 411 will highlight the concept of coaching/mentoring, defined as a close relationship between the coach and the doctoral student. This program will consist of a well-defined Coaching/Mentoring program that provides training, coaching, advice, and structure to increase engagement through the dissertation phase of doctoral education.

Doctoral students may participate in one or all three phases of Dissertation 911 to 411. In addition, there will be four dissertation informational retreats.

There are three phases:

Phase I -- 6 hours of intense virtual sessions

Phase II -- 8 hours of intense virtual sessions


Phase III -- 8 hours of intense virtual sessions

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