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Complete and respectful Family Court mediation service.

Family Mediation

Divorce, Custody, Support, Alimony, Visitation, Separation, Modifications, Property Distribution, Retirement, and Taxes.


Mediation fee equal to or less than court mediation fee.

Superb skills in negotation with cultural sensitivity.

What is Mediation?

Both parties deciding their own divorce and what is best for their family (notably the children). 


Flexible and confidential.

During mediation, both parties meet with, the mediator who will facilitate working through issues.


Amicable and as cost-effective as possible.

Your Family Mediator. Getting the Mediation process completed.

What is Mediation?


12952 Kingsdale Lane, Wellington, FL 33414




(561) 307-6695

Role of the Mediator

Quick, Cost Effective, You Have Input

The mediator is neutral and doesn't "work" for either party.

That means the mediator cannot give advice to either party.

The mediator will assist both parties in formulating ideas that can eventually lead to agreements that will stand the test of time.

Mediation Brochure

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