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Learn to accept the things in your life that are not perfect

I often find myself lamenting about the things that should be. You know the images of things that “in a perfect world” I would have. Whenever I find myself on the spiraling downward trip I end up feeling frustrated and angry. My revelation is that I am frustrated and angry with the people or things in my life, which represent pain. This disrupts my day, month, and even year.

A good friend brought my attention to the fact that I should accept the things in my life that are not perfect. Food for thought…what is perfect. Who sets the standard for perfection? I do not need to be anyone else and I do not have to live anyone else's perfection.

It is easier for me to accept the things (people in my life). This is my life after all. It is interesting, colorful, endearing, and most of all it is all MINE. In fact, I find many of my “imperfections” give me great sense of pride. These “imperfections” have made me able to reach out thru my Virtual Life Coach role, to mentor others. These “imperfections” have truly blessed me.

My challenge to you and to me, go and let life unfold (imperfections and all).

Virtual Life Coach Accept Things That are Not Perfect

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