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Toxic Leader


Communication is key

firmly believe that unethical leaders are toxic. A common denominator of both the unethical leader and the toxic leader is a fear-based approach to leadership. These leaders rely on withholding information, power and control, and the undermining of their employees. This targeted behavior’s desired outcome is to harm (Brown & Mitchell, 2010). It is unethical to treat employees unfairly. Ironically, the toxic leader may exhibit some qualities of ethical leadership. In the case of my previous boss, at times he was ethical. Notably when interacting with his superiors. However, when engaging his subordinates, he was mentally abusive. The term, “kiss up and kick down” applied to his behavior. He lacked the core element of ethics, honoring people and creating an atmosphere of respect. He demanded the accomplishment of the mission, at all costs. When evaluated by his superiors, he received high ratings for getting results. Nevertheless, the emotional harm inflicted on his subordinates created a toxic and unhealthy environment. Hence, organizations should evaluate leaders based on accomplishing the mission as well as the impact they have on the working environment. Unethical leaders are toxic leaders.

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