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Picture of Inclusion

They lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s song, “Someday at Christmas there will be no war…” ring loud I my ear. As I think about the upcoming political event in January, I wonder about the hope of peace and not the hope of war and hate.

During my lifetime I have always looked with anticipation to the inauguration of a new American president. What good may the new administration provide? I had the sense that something good was just around the corner. I believed that the incumbent president believed, like Isaiah, “Lions and wolves lying with lambs and babies playing safely with poisonous snakes…” The new president would believe there would be peace. The nation would have an expectation of hope.

Unfortunately, this time it is different. We have an American nation divided. Brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend. The thoughts of hate and divisiveness abounds! Where is the hope? What about, “Yes we can?”

As we enter this new era in American history, I promise to maintain my hope and my excitement for the future. I will place hope in myself and my commitment to doing and saying the right thing for myself and for others. I will place my hope in my fellow citizens who will do the same. I will plant my hope in the solidarity of hope of a future of co-existence, acceptance, peace, and unity.

Oh YES I can have the audacity to hope for equality and peace for America and for the world! I invite you to stand with me!

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