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A Twenty Dollar Moment

One day a man was speaking to a group of people. He took out a twenty-dollar bill and he asked the audience, “Would anyone like this twenty dollar bill?” Many hands went up.

He crumpled the twenty-dollar bill and again, he asked, “Would anyone like this twenty dollar bill?” Many in the group raised their hands; they wanted the twenty-dollar bill.

He took the twenty-dollar bill and stepped on it, making it dirty. He asked the group, “Would anyone like this twenty dollar bill?” Surprisingly, hands went up…they still wanted the twenty-dollar bill.

The value of the twenty-dollar bill did not change. If it was crispy new, crumpled up, or filthy, it was still a twenty-dollar bill.

(Story told by Pastor Sheila, United Church of Christ)

I went thru an experience last week where I felt like the crumpled twenty-dollar bill. Five grueling days. They said I was not good enough. They criticized me. In fact, I felt stomped on. This experience drove me to relive all the moments in my life when I felt devalued and when I was hurt.

With the help of my husband and my close friends, I remembered my value.

It was not until I focused on my value, who and what I represent that I was able to survive.

What did I learn? No matter the challenge, the hurt, I have value. I have a good heart and I am able to contribute to people and society. That is my value.

People can buy the same things with a new twenty-dollar bill, a crumpled twenty-dollar bill, or a filthy twenty-dollar bill.


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