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The Red Bird Feeder

I was struggling with a simple act of kindness. What could I do that would make a difference? Not a “look at me I am great” act. I wanted to simply be kind, hence the Red Bird Feeder.

I daily empty the bird seeds from my bird cage into the trash…what a waste! So, I purchased the Red Bird Feeder. I deposit the seeds daily. What a delight! Alas have numerous communities of birds and squirrels.

The Cardinal family…they are so beautiful and they delight in the seeds every day. They are light birds and when feeding the Red Bird Feeder does not spin around. So they feast on the seeds and go their way.

The Blue Jay contingent is something else…They fight off the squirrels to get to the seeds. I could not believe it when I saw them “dive bombing” the squirrels.

The Black Bird posse is the smartest!! They are heavy birds and when one sits on a side of the Red Bird Feeder it tips over…. They do not get the seeds they want. So in true team work fashion, they each sit on a side (two to a side six in total) so everyone gets to eat at their hearts’ delight.

The Squirrels are also notable. They found out that they cannot reach the Red Bird Feeder so they await their delight on the ground below after the birds have dropped the seeds to the ground.

Little did I know that my wish for kindness is returned to me daily? I learn that what is discarded can be always used by others. I learned that creatures share. I also learned that Black birds are quite smart.

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