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Florida Family Court Mediation Services

Florida Supreme Court Certified

Mediation services  are conducted in person, by phone or virtually on the web


             Divorce, Custody, Support, Alimony, Visitation, Separation,Modifications, Property Distribution, Retirement and Taxes


Specializing in Military Family Matters

What is Mediation​

Meditations are about both parties deciding their own divorce and what is best for their family (notably the children). 


Mediation is flexible and confidential. During mediation, both parties meet with, the mediator who will facilitate  working through issues.  The mediation process will assist  in resolving issue  so that both parties can end their marriage as amicably and cost effective as possible.

​Mediation and Negotiation

Mediation encourages parties to negotiate in a constructive atmosphere that emphasizes cooperation, communication and compromise.


The mediation process allows the individuals to control the decisions that affect their family-finances, businesses, and other aspects of their lives.

The Role of the Mediator

​The mediator is neutral and doesn't "work" for either party. That means the mediator cannot give advice to either party. The mediator will assist both parties in formulating ideas that can eventually lead to agreements that will stand the test of time.

Why Mediation

Why mediation?

Fees are affordable and hours are flexible! Mediation can handle the entire case from beginning to end.

In addition to the settlement agreement, we can also prepare & file all the other required court documents - an attorney is not required!

Couples who go through mediation generally feel satisfied with the agreements they had reached and both walked away feeling that they had gotten what they had wanted.

Mediation gives both parties the opportunity to decide what happens with their children and assets after a divorce. 

Benefits of Mediation

>Less costly than litigation.


>Quicker and more efficient than the judicial process.


>Promotes cooperation and healthy communication.


>Reduces conflict, stress, and anxiety.


>Confidential - personal information is not publicly disclosed.


>Allows individuals to tailor solutions that best meet their particular needs.


>Empowers the parties to control their final outcome.

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