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I can provide a simple and respectful road map to Family Mediation.

STEP ONE:   Congratulations,  you have chosen to use Family Mediation to decide upon  your parenting and/or financial situation after your separation.

STEP TWO:  Select a Mediation date that suits both of you.  I will sort out the venue and send your Family Mediation  Packet (some simple forms for you to complete and return to me) so that I can prepare for your Mediation.

STEP THREE: I  will call you to hear what you hope to achieve out of the process. You may also discuss any concerns at this time.

STEP THREE:   It's Mediation time. You need to attend the allocated venue where I will help you to discuss  your concerns, differing points of view, communication problems and any proposals that you may have to resolve  matters. With the view of reaching an agreement on the day, I will reality test any proposals and help you come to up with alternate solutions.

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